Disable maxscript listener


using this function:
I have a *.ui file loaded from python the when is loaded print out every class he found in the *.ui file.
Then I dynamically load many instance of another ui file to append to first one.
Max automatically print out every class of Pyqt and this is slowing down my plugin?
How can I skip the print process?
Thanks in advance


Actually it is the bad whey to do it, it is better to load all *.ui file and then instanciate my widget based on the previous load file.
in this way I will call the MaxPlus.LoadUitType one time per *.ui
Still the max listener prompt the loaded classes , if you find a solution let me know.


If you can, use the proper native loader in pyside instead.
I have only seen this bug in 2018 so you will use pyside2, think it is:

from Pyside2.QtUiTools import QUiLoader

loader = QUiLoader()
ui = loader.load(<ui path>)

Here is a post better explaining it: