Detached Skin While Opening a Maya 2022 File in Older Versions


I understand there is no such as fully backward compatible files.
Just want to confirm if this is one of them.

Whenever I open a Maya 2022 skinned file in older versions, the skin the does not work.
This means whenever I moved the joint, the geo is not affected.

I can easily remedy it by just exporting/importing weights. But I was wondering if I’m just doing something wrong in 2022 to merit this behaviour.

P.S. Case scenario is I rigged several characters in 2022 but the client is using the older version.

In older version select character (mesh) and run :


import maya.cmds as cmds 
def hideShape (s): 
    cmds.setAttr(s + ".ihi", 1) 
list = 
for each in list: 
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Thanks for the response. It doesn’t really work (i.e. skin is already detached).
I guess I’ll just have to script on detaching and attaching skin.

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Yes this was the exact problem I was having.

Thanks for sharing!