Curve point not always bound to its cluster deformer

I have a scene with two triangles, the big triangle is called curve1 and the small one curve2.

I need a component of curve1 (the tip point) to be always attached or parented to curve2. So that if I move the small triangle, the tip of the big triangle always moves with it.

I managed to achieve this using a cluster deformer that is then made a child of the small triangle. Now when I move the small triangle, the tip of the big triangle follows.

But it has a short coming that I have not been able to fix or find a solution for. If I move the move bigger triangle, all of its points move with it, I am expecting the tip to still remain constrained to the cluster (the small triangle).

I have tried to find ways to fix this but the issue remains, I guess what I am asking is, Is there a way to get a component to still be constrained to a cluster while moving its object?

clusters only modify the position of the cv in object space, so in order to make sure it works in worldspace you will need to add the information of the parent into the math
in this case i created a circle, clustered a single cv, and multiplied the worldInverseMatrix with the cluster handle as input of the cluster math instead of just the cluster handle

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This is perfect thank your for it!