Cropping image in imagePlane node

I have an animated image sequence, eg. the character reference is screened towards on the right hand side.

Since the left hand side of the sequence contains no reference/ it is blank, I would like to crop it out.

If I am using a polygon Plane > applied with a material that contains an animated image sequence.

I can use “Insert Edge Loop Tool” and define the portion for cropping > select the face and delete it.

And hence, I will be left with the portion of the character reference that I wanted,

Unfortunately I am not using polygon Plane but instead Free Image Plane and trying to replicate the above scenario onto the Free Image Plane…

The command “Insert Edge Loop Tool” cannot be used since it is not a polygon. Tried tweaking “Coverage Origin X” attribute under ‘Placement Extras’ section, while I seemingly able to ‘crop’ out the un-needed parts but it seems to have scale the image.

Wondering if anyone has tried to attempt something with a Free Image Plane or know of any workarounds that I can try adopting?