Creating periodic curves. Soft corners


Good day to all.


Is there a cleaner way of creating periodic curves or finishing the curve with soft edges like in the picture? Maybe at least some guide to creating curves correctly so Open/Close command would work as expected.



I’d try to break the curve at the beginning and end of one of the straight segments. If this is a degree-3 curve you can build it with 3 equally spaced, colinear points approaching every corner (this would mean six cvs on each segment). If you break the curve in the middle of an arm rather than at a corner you will not have to worry about the closure messing with your tangents.


Thanks, Theodox. I’ll try this.

Though, it would be good to know if there’s any way of closing a curve correctly. I tried to wrap the last 2 spans over the first 2 spans(using cubic curve). It’s the case with the default nurbs circle i think. But the results are not so useful.