Correct way to import a clip to character

Hello, I am trying to find the correct way to import a clip to a character.

If I use Import Animation Clip to Characters in the Trax Editor, the clip gets imported as expected with the source and the scheduled clip:

import maya.cmds as cmds
# Output is [u'walk_0_00', u'walk_0_00Source']

However, when I try to import the clip to the character via code, I end up with two source clips:

# Unload any existing clips
clips ='animClip')
if clips:

# Import clip
cmds.file('D:/Testing/Maya/', i=True, type='mayaAscii', removeDuplicateNetworks=True, options='v=0', loadReferenceDepth='none')
cmds.clip('walk_0_00Source', copy=True)
cmds.clip('player', paste=True, scheduleClip=True, startTime=0, mapMethod='byNodeName')

# Output is [u'walk_0_00', u'walk_0_00Source', u'walk_0_00Source1']

The scheduled clip ends up being an instance of walk_0_00Source1 instead of walk_0_00Source.

I could clean this up by deleting walk_0_00Source and then renaming walk_0_00Source1 to walk_0_00Source. But would rather find a solution where I can tell the clip command not to create an extra source clip in the first place.