Core Software Engineer with Shotgun - Digital Domain

Digital Domain in LA/Vancouver and Montreal is hiring.
Interested, send your resume to Amy Quek, Senior Recruiter at [email protected]

Purpose of the job:
The Core Software Team at Digital Domain is responsible for core tools and distributed services for use across the facility including: asset, task, and software management; dailies, render submission,
analytics, cross site data transfer, and core Python libraries.
Digital Domain is seeking a Software Engineer to help advance the feature set, integration and
operation of internal systems with Shotgun. The position requires expertise in a comprehensive set of
areas including databases, services, server-side code, Python-based client APIs, and tools.
The Core Software Engineer with Shotgun Focus is responsible for the administration and operation of
Shotgun within the facility. Responsibilities also include designing, implementing, testing, and deploying code that integrates with Shotgun in a multi-site environment. This is a challenging but exciting position for an experienced developer with strong skills in Python, relational databases, web services and an understanding of software stacks that span from client tools to back-end services that are integrated with Shotgun and other production tracking systems.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
• Administration of production tracking servers
• Assist in the migration of data across servers and locations
• Assist in the consolidation of services and integration of heterogeneous production tracking
• Develop new features and support existing Python APIs that front-end developers use to interact
with back-end services
• Participate in the design, implementation and deployment of features for supporting distributed
production tracking systems across multiple facilities
• Set up test environments for testing the distributed production tracking tool set
• Set up and perform stress and regression tests routinely
• Troubleshoot issues in production related to the various production tracking frameworks and
• Participate in code reviews

Education and/or Experience Required:
• B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science or related field and/or combination of education and
experience equivalent to that level of professionalism, problem solving, and analytical skills • 3+
years Python programming experience
• 3+ years experience with relational databases like Postgres and MySQL
• 2+ years experience using and developing triggers for Shotgun
• Experience with database replication, backup and recovery highly desired

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