Convert crease values to bevel value on an object?



Hi Techartists,
Is it possible to analyze the crease values (0 to 10) on edges in an object, and apply a bevel value (0 to 1(either round or hard edge) via scripting?

Is there a template or some code sample out there that would help me write this in maya python? or mel is fine too.

Basically I’m looking for a way to quickly switch from creases to fencing edges / bevels and back non-destructively… similar to quad chamfer in 3ds-max.



You can use cmds.polyCrease(some_edge, value=True, query=True) to get the crease value, and presumably pump that into something like cmds.polyBevel to do what you want.

It would appear that uncreased edges by default have a value of -1.0, so you could even use that to filter out all the uncreased edges on a mesh.