Connection between point and object in maya

Hey everyone! Can you please help me with one simple task in maya. I’m trying to connect point position value of mesh with translate value of object (it could be meshTransform) to rule vertex with object. Maya has PointOnPoly constraint but I want to realise similar thing but different way.
I’ve got a vertex position (found it by using pymel), but I can’t figure out how to link it with object’s translate.
If you have some thoughts of this, hope you’ll help me. Thank you!

Something like rivet?

Yeah, something like it. But rivet has several nodes in its structure and this affects the performance of an asset. I thought to find the way how to avoid using so much nodes for this not difficult task (as I think).

The new rivet command is just an automated way to set up a single uvPin node. There’s only one node in the structure.


if you know the vertex you want to attach the object to, you could use the same joints as an influence for a parentconstraint with offset and use the skinweight influence values for weights, that way the object will follow the same movement as that vertex