Connecting Python IDEs to Unreal

Curious if anyone knows how to connect an IDE, in this case Wing, to Unreal. I suspect it can be done, but I am unable to find documentation anywhere on it.

Are you looking to run things remotely, from the IDE? Or just to use the IDE to debug?

Both I guess. I want to build out our libraries so that code is more reusable. If I could do one or the other that would still be a step in the right direction.

Generally it’s easy to set up an IDE to work on the code (I don’t have one but I’m sure by now somebody has created a stubs file to do autocompletion for the Unreal libraries).

Unreal does not currently have an out-of-the-box solution for external code reloads (ie, no equivalent of the Maya command port). If you enable the Unreal web remote control plugin you could probably get your editor to respond to external requests of HTTP:

However somebody would have to write enough C++ to accept the request, run it, and return results. It’d be a great open source project and is doable, but not something you can just grab AFAIK

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