Cinematic UE4 Artists x2 [Remote]

We are looking for an artist to work inside Unreal Engine to create cinematic shots according to the shot list. The title is an upcoming AAA multiplayer battle royale. The cinematic shots will be utilised throughout an announcement trailer.

Only assets from the engine can be used. Animations, VFX, lighting will have to be combined in many creative ways to meet the requirements for the shot.


  • To place existing animations within shots to meet the requirements of the shot list. This could be placing run cycles, attack animations, or idling animations.
  • To tweak existing animations such as facial poses to further the quality of animation where required.
  • Animate cinematic cameras, paying close attention to framing and composition.
  • Set-dress the shot appropriately. Placing props and meshes from the build to enhance the composition of the shot further
  • Light the shot in Unreal. Placing rim lighting, fill lights and other cinematic lighting methods to enhance the look of the shot.
  • Place VFX and particle systems that exist within the engine to enhance the shot further. Placing relevant FX when players attack. Or ambient FX to set the mood.
  • Utilise Post-Processing systems in Unreal to push the visual quality as far as it will go from a real-time renderer.
  • Render final shots in a 4k 60fps format.


  • 14 cinematic shots (28 shots in total, divided between 2 artists)
  • Final renders to be in 4k 60fps.


  • High spec PC required
  • Moderate to fast internet recommended
  • Will be required to use VPN to access build
  • Perforce / Version Control experience useful, but not essential.


  • Current deadline (subject to change): 6th May

If you are interested please email [email protected]

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