Character Solver


Hello every one, I am looking for some insight on Character Solvers HIK vs MB Character Solver.

Is there a preference ppl have or information on why one would chooes MB Character Solver over HIK?


As far as I know, MB ik is a legacy solver.
Only direct reference I can find to it on the internet is very old:


I find that for motion editing and animation, the MB solver is the best option as it gives you predictable results. HIK solvers has odd behaviours, where the pose you set will jump after setting a keyframe, etc. (lots of animators in different studios have corroborated this problem)
Also, rig customizations may clash with HIK (we have a hand prop switch system that simply will not work unless we switch to MB solver, as well as rigs where hierarchy has been altered)
Typically I will use HIK for retargeting mocap and take advantage of the stretch features to match rigs of different proportions.
But for Animation, MB is the way to go, me thinks.