Can`t add two rows in database during one connection

Do I need to close connection every time I add/delete something in the database table?

Here is the code, adding a second Project object rise error (probably because second time the cursor.lastrowid returns the same id as first):

import sqlite3

DB = 'C:/temp/projects.db'

class Project:
    def __init__(self, project_name): = None = project_name

def add_project(project):

    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO projects VALUES (:id, :name)",
                   {'id': cursor.lastrowid,


connection = sqlite3.connect(DB)
cursor = connection.cursor()

cursor.execute('''CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS projects (
                id integer primary key autoincrement,
                name text

cursor = connection.cursor()
project = Project('TESTER_1')
print '1 created'

# connection.close()
# connection = sqlite3.connect(DB)
# cursor = connection.cursor()

project = Project('TESTER_2')
print '2 created'

If I close connection and create a new one (uncomment lines) the second item is working fine.

ordinarily you should not have to close and reopen like that. I think sqllite defaults to auto-commit as well, so you should not even have to call connection.commit() either (see

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