Callback system between .NET plugin

Hello guys,
I need to communicate between to .NET plugin.
For instance, I have the max2babylon plugin that needs to raise a callback passing a list of textures used by the exporter.

Another plugin needs to register to this callback, but that is where I’m stuck.
Any idea?

I’m just copy and pasting some example code I have lying around. I hope it still works :slight_smile:

More on the topic:

code for the C# dll:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace maxEvent
    public class Class1
        public event EventHandler myEvent;

        protected virtual void onMyEvent(EventArgs e)
            if (myEvent != null)
                myEvent(this, e);

        public void testFunction()

And the MXS part:

dllPath = @"C:\\maxEvent.dll"
// this script starts a .NET form.
// when the form is displayed it generates an event.
// the event will trigger the handleEvent MXS function.

fn handleEvent _args=(
	print "exec1"

Assembly = dotNetClass "System.Reflection.Assembly" 
Assembly.loadfrom dllPath
form = dotnetobject "maxEvent.Class1"

dotNet.addEventHandler form "myEvent" handleEvent


Actually there is no maxscript in my case, but thanks anyway
I managed to raise a callback from the first plugin and register the second plugin to that callback

GlobalInterface.Instance.BroadcastNotification(SystemNotificationCode.PreExport, filePaths);

in the second plugin I grab the callback with

IGlobal global = Autodesk.Max.GlobalInterface.Instance;
IInterface18 ip = global.COREInterface18;
if (!callbackRegistered)
     this.fileSaveHandler = new GlobalDelegates.Delegate5(this.Global_PreFileSave);
     GlobalInterface.Instance.RegisterNotification(this.fileSaveHandler, null,SystemNotificationCode.PreExport);
     callbackRegistered = true;

Now the problem is that i need to retrieve an object between these two plugins