Bring on the DCC nerd memes

Could not let this fly by into oblivion

stwert @stwert: I think several are spot on, I’d probably change Maya for Mr Incredible in his insurance office job.

instinct-vfx @instinct-vfx: This could also be turned into a “what my friends think i do” kind of memes

dhruv @dhruv: The Daz3D one is way too on point haha
Lightwave should just be a picture of the Amish

stwert @stwert: Yeah, I didn’t get the Lightwave one. Houdini is too flattering, compared to the rest. Also needs Softimage as a chalk outline of a body with police tape around it.
Sketchup should be a toddler with duplo

dhruv @dhruv: XSI needs to be a hipster listening to a discman

lkruel @lkruel: Lightwave should be a dinosaur…


The Zbrush one is spot on :smiley:

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This needs to be a shirt