Best Job Search Websites

Hey I was wondering what people on here use to find jobs? What job search sites have you found the most useful?

I looked into old forums, but it seems like there’s no concrete list of favorite job searching sites or methods. Right now it’s difficult to do proper networking, especially if you live with someone who’s considered at risk. So what alternatives have people found helpful?

Really I want to put together a resource forum with links.

Of course I already know about:

Linkedin: Sign Up | LinkedIn
Game Dev:

Suggested by Ozzmeister:

(I’ll add any sites people comment below with links for future reference)

Technically people post job positions on this website too.

Really personally I am currently working Part Time as an Unreal/Blender Tech Artist, but I’m ready to work Full Time somewhere. The issues I’ve run into is that most recruiters are only looking for Seniors, and are all from AAA companies. Then also Technical Artist is such an umbrella term. I’m mostly a Shader, Optimizing, General 3D Artist who can code with some Python. I’ve worked on Blender scripts, but that is something I’d have to work on before calling myself professional at. So when I look up jobs they almost always include pipeline work, or Game Dev work itself. Are there others who call themselves Tech Artists who experience a similar thing? What do you all think?

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I’m a huge fan of Johnny puts a lot of work into his scraper and making sure he can query all the disparate recruiting platforms’ APIs. He’s got it so you can sort by location, job title, and seniority.


Ah, the website seems to be down right now for me, but I still put it on the list!

Thank you for the suggestion :smiley:

D’oh! Transcription error, try this instead:


There’s also this spreadsheet that’s updated by Chris Mayne


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