Beginner question with blendshape

Hey All,

Pretty new to the rigging scene trying to get a portfolio together. I was working on creating some corrective blend shapes in Maya and ran into this issue.

Some of the verts included in a blend shape around a shoulder seem to make a very large rotation when I rotate the arm past a certain point. I first thought it had to do with driving the blend shape from my arm rotation but when I remove that connection and leave the blend shape at 1 it still occurs when I rotate past a certain point.

Any help would be amazing!
(new user, can only post 1 pic)

A bit hard to check if there is no illustration file.
Maybe the actual blendshape you made has some anomalies?

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Can you show pictures of the deformation with only the blendshape and only the skinning active?

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For some reason when I went back to the file and created new blend shapes the issue seems to be gone. I’m not sure what happened wish I had saved that backup.

I’m not sure that it did because the rotation seemed to correlate exactly to a certain point in the rotation.