Been a Long Time

I had a randomly thought about this website and I’m happy to see it’s still up!

Kinda wild honestly, I got my start here what 10 or 15 years ago and I’m still doing some version of tech-art! (kinda!)

I don’t know if anyone is still here from back then, but whoever is keeping the site up, kudos to you!

Yep, I’m not as active but I get the weekly digest emails. I think the discord has taken over in usefulness but glad this is still around!

Kudos to the admins keeping it going!

@Theodox and crew!!

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I’m pretty active on Instagram these days making woodworking and tech videos!

Hey Randall, where may I find the Discord? All I can find is the Slack channel, thank you!

(And/Or if you have any other Tech Art Discord Channels you can recommend, I’d love to get more involved in the tech art community!)

One i know is: Ask A Rigger

For Bifrost and USD help this one is good.