Badge title survey



This version of the site has a “title” field which is based on badges. Your profile allows you to select any of your badges as a ‘title’ – I think this is intended mostly for managing things like how many posts you’ve done or things like that, but there have been requests to make the titles field more like what it sounds like.

I added a bunch of extra custom badges down at the bottom of the badges page – if people have suggestions for other badges, post them here. Use likes to upvote suggestions on the thread you like – if somebody suggests one and your really don’t like it, add a reply with reasons.


Hmmm not sure if it’s broken or if I’m blind.
I see no options under “User Card Badge” in my profile settings. The only thing listed there in the drop-down is None inside brackets.


I’ve got Maya and Member butters gave me the first, and the other I got automatically awhile back.

From the badges page, it looks like the new ones have been created, but haven’t been assigned to any users.


It shows up under ‘title’ for some inexplicable reason