Aspiring Tech Artist



Over the course of my college life I have been looking for what i really want to do as i have a passion for programming and art. The thing that attracted me to this was getting my associates in game design & development in which i got
a taste of a bit of everything affiliated with making games. After undergrad I have visited colleges all over the east coast trying to find what exactly I wanted to do but everywhere i had gone there were only programs for either one or the other (game art or programming). There was no culmination of both anywhere until after sitting in a college orientation a professor told me what i was looking for after explaining my education/ skill set. So i did my research on Technical Artists and found this site.

my skill set from personal education and undergrad include:


Aside from everything I realize that there is a broad spectrum even within Technical Artists itself and with all the outside learning I still feel as though I am lacking the knowledge of what I need for a TA portfolio.

My goal is to be a TA in the game industry and with that in regard I want to know is there anybody on this forum that can give me some guidance.

Thank you:D:


you’ve come to the right place, but there are already a hundred of posts just like this one. Try searching through the forum, they will probably answer most of your questions, and it’s good practice for becoming a TA (just simply finding the answers.) If you have specific questions after reading post away.



But yeah, i say read around and when you have specific questions, the people here have been incredibly helpful.
I also recommend subscribing/joining!forum/python_inside_maya