Applying for jobs - Triple A vs Indie?

Hey everyone!

I’m currently looking to transition from Film to Games as a Junior Houdini Technical Director, with a focus on AAA studios, particularly in Montreal. I’ve been honing my skills in Unreal Engine and the typical AAA asset pipeline.

Recently, I’ve been also looking at opportunities in smaller studios based on job ads I’ve come across. I’d love to hear your insights on the Pros and Cons of working in both AAA and smaller studios, especially from a Junior perspective. Are there specific challenges or advantages for someone starting out in each setting? Additionally, considering my background, is there one you would recommend for someone making the initial move into the game industry? Your advice is greatly appreciated!

(Also for more context this was a post I made before but made a new account to be more professional)

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Hey Derek, you’ve chosen a great career as a Houdini TD. I’m a Houdini TA currently working for a small studio. Let me share my thoughts with you. I don’t have much experience in AAA studios because they don’t offer remote opportunities. I’ve had a few offers and interviews. Usually, AAA studios ask for a lot, expecting you to know everything, but it doesn’t mean you’ll do everything. In fact, you might focus on one thing in a big studio, like Houdini work. In small studios, you will do more work in different departments, and they are okay if you don’t know everything. They offer more freedom and time. While AAA studios may pay more, the work can be more stressful. In my opinion, always consider small studios; you’ll be treated well and not like a robot.