Anyone else having trouble accessing techart from anything but their cell phone?

Constantly being told “you can’t access the site from that IP address”…from everything except my cell phone. Even after setting third party auth I get the same message. Anyone else experience this or more importantly know how to fix the issue. This occurs from both work and home computers…

Yeah, we’ve had a lot of reports of this issue.
I sometimes get it from work, but not home.
We’ve yet to track down what on earth is causing it though :confused:

Oh I may have a lead on this. I got it yesterday when trying to log in from my laptop.

Connecting with HTTPS instead of HTTP seemed to have resolved the issue and allowed me to log in. I never have a problem logging in with Google Chrome, but on my laptop I run Firefox. I was reading here that for navigations which don’t specify a protocol, HTTPS is the default in Chrome. Maybe that’s not the case for Firefox.

Login works for me on

But not on

@Theodox any idea why besides https certs being super weird and spooky?

@BenWall’s comment got me thinking so I did a few tests. It doesn’t actually seem to be https.

If I go to and attempt to login, pressing the “Log In” button will take me to, and I will not appear to be logged in. If I then navigate back to, I will be logged in.

If I try to log in again from instead of navigating back to, that is when I will get the “can’t login from that IP address” error.

I’m seeing this behavior on both Chrome and Firefox. I can’t seem to log in at all on Edge. There was a strange scenario where I lost the ability to log in on either site in Chrome and had to email myself a login link, which successfully logged me into, logging out again allowed me to repeat the earlier scenario. Seems strange to me, but this happened in 1 out of 5 tests that I did so it might have been a fluke.

I just reproed JoDaRobers method and I managed to log in as he specified by navigating back to This occurs on Chrome and Edge for me.

I think I’ve found the root cause:

Can’t access that link, but I can confirm that I managed to login from a few different PCs with two-point auth on the web page.