Animated texture maps, workflow?


Hi there!
I’ve been thinking about animated texture maps lately and thought I should play around with it some. My inspiration comes from these two links.

The first one is from the Incredible Hulk movie and I’m not sure if this is a premade animated map or a procedural or a simulation? Any thoughts. Also, what would they use this for? Bloodflow, muscle tension?

The second one is easier. I was thinking about how to acheive this effect and my thoughts would be to first create the color texture without any concern to the animated map, given you might have specific requirements. Then creating a new uv set, laying out the limbs in the direction you want the light to travel. As seen in the clip, the light travels up his torso, but down his legs and arms which would mean his limbs are laid out pointing up, given the ramp travels upwards.
Then by baking the color, or perhaps a black and white image created from the color texture just for this purpose, you’ll end up with a texture for the light pattern for this new uv set. Then creating a ramp shader and animating it, acting as a mask would produce the effect of light that travels along his suit.

Any ideas?



All right, just did a quick test. Happy with the result.
Never bothered uv-mapping a new layout, just used the old one copied into a new uv set, but then I can tweak this uv set pretty wild since the only thing it is connected to is a ramp and I don’t even have to care about texture distortion. Nice!


Maybe a Gradient map could be used? this would replace your UV set for a mask and slightly more complex shader

You would paint a mask going from black->white in the direction of scroll where you want the glowy lines to appear. Then you’d offset (scroll) the gradient lookup ramp over time

It’s like photoshop’s Gradient Map

Yet another way could be to create additional geometry and push it underneath the original geometry. Then use the vertex shader to offset vertices along their normals to make them poke outside original geometry
Destiny use this technique as its something similar seen here:


Forgot to chek up on my old threads.
Thanks for the ideas!
Not exactly sure I understand that first part. Do I create a new layer over my texture, fill it with black and paint in white gradient lines, then the lookup function will sample the values of my black&white image, acting as a mask for another color texture. or just plugged in to the ambient color slot or similar?
I’d be most happy if you could elaborate? Specifically creating and connecting the gradient lookup ramp.

That second setup sounds pretty cool too, but not really what I’m after.