Allzpark | Application launcher for the 21st century

Application launcher and environment management
for 21st century games and digital post-production,
built with bleeding-rez

Windows Linux MacOS

Hi all,

I’d like to present my latest project that I’ve put together over the past couple of months.

It’s an application launcher, for when you need control over what software and which versions of software belong to a given project. It builds on the self-hosted package manager and environment management framework bleeding-rez, providing both a visual and textual interface for launching software in a reproducible way.

Also keep an eye on its integration with Avalon, the fully-featured and open source VFX and games pipeline, building on amongst other things Pyblish and

Have a look at the website for details, and feel free to share your experiences or ask questions here or on GitHub, and tell your friends! :slight_smile: