Aggregate Feed FAQ/Feedback


The TAOggregator is an aggregate feed of hand-selected content from hand selected blogs that members here think would benefit the community.

You can see the aggregate feed here:

The taoggregator project is on google code:

If you’d like to have your blog added (or removed), PM me.

If there is a problem with your blog (ie, the author displays as ‘Unknown Author’, please PM me or find me on IRC.

If you have other suggestions or complaints about the TAOggregator, please post them here.


Note there hasn’t been any new content for a week or so because I moved and haven’t gotten it running on my new PC yet (and obviously didn’t get it deployed to the server). New content should be back up and running in a couple days.


After having this fixed earlier in the week (and publishing like 30 posts), I’ve some how broken pyjamas AGAIN. I’m going to rewrite the UI in Qt by next week, so, yet more delays. Sorry folks, that’s what I get for testing alpha software!


I got the pyjamas UI working again (thanks to a new release of pyjamas), so we’re back in business!


Added the link to taoggregator on google code to the first post. (


After a couple months offline, this is back online and I’m going to make a commitment to keeping it updated, fixing up some things, and finally handing it off to someone else. I should have some time the last two weeks of January since the wife will be away, I’ll focus on getting it into shippable shape then (just needs hardening, really, has good tests and documentation).

EDIT: So apparently the blog is down. Frak. Will update once we get that fixed.


Locking this as plans have changed.