Adobe SDK, what's possible?


Hi all,

I’m hoping just to get some general advice about creating an adobe plug-in for Illustrator… (coming from someone who isn’t specifically technical). I would like a plug-in that does some of the following things:

  • Opens an AI document
  • Exports a pre-defied area of that document to a temporary AI document
  • Opens a second AI document, and imports the temporary AI document in as a layer
  • Scales that new layer down to a predetermined size (perhaps defined by guides)
  • Saves the document and closes

What I really would like to know is, is there anything here that sounds hard to do, or not possible to do? I hope I’m asking this in the right way :slight_smile: Bonus question- can this be done on a command line level, without opening the full application (similar to Maya batch)?

thank you.