AAA game character clothing creation process

Hey there!

I am working on a digital fashion project and am wanting to speak with a technical artist who has experience with making clothes for AAA games. Just wanting to ask some more questions around the process, how it all works, where are the challenges and bottlenecks!

Thank you!

Are you looking to make a modular system like you would for a game where you can mix and match objects? If so you are making trade offs with the clothing designs so that the transition point is pretty much the same on all the body parts. Like where you slice the wrist from the arm, that’s about where all gloves have to go or you will run into clashing meshes that clip.

So it kind of depends on what exactly the fashion project is and it’s needs.

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Hey, we are actually working on a neural network model about how we can streamline some of the technical artist clothing development process and so wanting to understand more about this in detail from a tech artist viewpoint, especially where the biggest challenges and bottlenecks are. Could we speak more or I could send an email with more specific context?!

Sure. I can follow up here, or if you wanted to literally speak we could do that too. Or e-mail is also fine.

If we could have a call that would be absolutely great and much better! I can send through a calendar invite and meeting link to your email? Let me know what time suits/what your timezone is - do you have time later today (Monday)!

Not a fashion expert here – but I can say that i’ve heard many times over the last several years that Marvelous Designer is the gold standard:

Thanks Theodox, maybe to give you some more background; we are currently in the process of creating a neural network model that will allow digital fashion designers to be able to more easily take their still 3D models into gaming and VR environments— we are focusing on automated cloth simulation and how this can be interoperable across different virtual environments, game engines— we believe that the future is all about cross game identities through metaverses and digital worlds.

We are hoping to speak/connect with technical animators and artists to learn more about the design, simulation and workflow process currently for creating AAA clothing for game environments, especially where are the biggest challenges and bottlenecks.

If you are open to speaking/calling/writing, I’d love to ask some more questions about the general process!

I’ll ask one of my old colleagues if she’s got some time – the marvellous link was about the limit of my experience :slight_smile: