A very, very interesting job with Weta tools @ Unity (Montreal, BC, or Seattle)

So, I’m helping hire for this job:

But the ad is bit off from the real job – “CG supervisor” makes it sound like an art production role, but it’s a lot more than that.

Essentially, we’ve got all this cool tech from Weta (and Ziva, and other folks) and over the next few years this needs to be reshaped from “bespoke pipeline built for one production culture” into “accessible workflows for a huge range of production cultures from really big to really small”. It’s a great challenge to re-envision heavy-duty professional pipeline tools into a form that will give value to less-well-connected creators.

The person we’d be hiring would be one of the key voices in that transition. They’ll be important in keeping up traditional quality standards on the output side while finding ways to make the tech accessible. They’ll be working with the technologists who handle the data and the artists who need to learn and love the tools. And they will be helping influence the way we create the ecosystem where these tools live.

This is a great challenge for somebody who is excited about both about the technical excellence of a tools pipeline and about democratizing access to tools that today are hidden away in walled gardens. This role is catalytic : you don’t have to provide all the answers single-handedly, you need to help us build the team and the culture that will find the solutions.

If you’re intrigued, reach out to me for details.

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