A game with no textures. All procedural shaders

This is a space shooter game I did on PS4/XBoxOne. One intersting technical fact about it:
It has No textures, all shaders are procedural. No more pixelation problems or texture density worries :wink:

This is few screenshots for the game:

The game is done using XSI:

Looks really cool.
What engine did you end up using?

We used our in-house game engine. It has few key features such as:

  • Very good integration with XSI that allows us to import complex ICE simulations into the game.
  • Unified graph-based editor. It was used to create enemies AI, level design, shaders,… etc.
  • Live connection with XBoxOne and PS4.

This is a screenshot for the edtior showing the graph editor:


Very cool!

Thanks for sharing.

Do you guys have plans for a post-XSI future? How are you coping with Autodesk? I loved XSI but it’s a tough platform choice these days…

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The short-term plan (next 4-5 years) is to keep using it. This plan is regardless if XSI is still developed or not. The reasons are:

  • As a small studio, we don’t spend money on updates or subscriptions unless there’re some important features that have strong impact on our production.
  • Since Autodesk starts releasing XSI every year, we rarely found such important features to us.

The result was renewing licences every 2 years in best scenarios.

For the long-term it is not decided yet. The next candidate from Autodesk was Maya. Its workflow is closer to XSI than Max. However noticing Autodesk development strategy in Max and Maya after stopping XSI, it is confusing XSI studios where to go, and in some cases it is pushing them away to Houdini.

As an XSI user/studio who heavily depends on ICE and planning to switch to the closest Autodesk product (e.g. Maya), I expect to see Autodesk’s roadmap for Maya covering procedural content creation to keep XSI users and attract more users/studios to them who are adapting procedural creation.

However, instead of spending the effort implementing this system in Maya, for some strange reason they decided to start this project in MAX with MCG :confused:

So Houdini is becoming more attractive for us since we believe the future is with procedural content creation and Autodesk decided to stop their best DCC on that front and start again from scratch in the wrong DCC.