A doubt about IK

Hello guys, i have a doubt about IK, i already saw some setups that create a compensation value to the foot IK but when the model have the ankle a little bit rotated, how can i create a setup for that compensation? I want the ik to keeps moving in a straight line, same as the FK, i’m working on a model with legs a little bit opened (i’ll post a screenshot) how can i keep the ik work properly for the leg and the foot setup without breaking the ik plane? Becase if now i rotate in Z the joint will moves out of the grid, making impossible to twist the foot without losing the grip, i always have this doubt when i face a character with legs like that, i will really appreciate if someone tell me how to work on those models or recommend a video to learn more about it, thank you guys!


Maya joints have a somewhat hidden extra transform called the joint orient. This can be adjusted to control the planes of rotation of a joint.

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Ideally you want the joint chain of an IK system in a straight line, with each joint sharing the same plane of rotation along the side axis. hopefully you receive geometry that supports this. In my studio a rotated ankle (toes pointing away form the vertical hip-knee-ankle axis ) is treated as a modeling error and such meshes are generally sent back to the modeler to correct.

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They are pointing correctly, the problem was the leg is a little bit rotated and i wasn’t finding a way to deal with that, but i received some guidance and figured out how to deal with that issue, since my foot was leaving the floor, i just need my control to be oriented like the world and the setup for the foot will work right, , my plane is aligned since i only moved everything in one axis, avoiding breaking my plane to IK, when the legs are open and the ankle is pointing in another angle is definitely a problem, because to position the joint we would probably need to move in at least 2 axis. Thanks for you answer Mambo, i’ll look the link you sent, rigging dojo knowledge is always welcome!