A couple questions about character rigging for gamedev

Hey guys, I’ve got 2 questions about character rigging for gamedev that keep me awake. In general, they are quite trivial and this is why it bothers me.

  1. I’ve got a character with a multiple objects. Should I combine this all before skinning or it doesn’t matter?

  2. And question about reverse foot rig… I know, there’re 2 and mb more ways to do it, I mean, via groups and ikHandle or via creating additional joints… Briefly, I don’t know which way would be better for gamedev, can you please give me a good clarification about it, I would be appreciate it.

Hope you guys help me by answering my questions and thank you for attention!
Happy New Year!

  1. If you want the ability to swap and change objects on the character you would want to keep the objects separated. Would assume combining them would be better for performance though.

  2. For a reverse foot rig having either would be fine since they don’t follow the character into the game engine and only really exist when animating in the dcc.


Hello, thank you for answer!

This is true only if you set it up that way, being careful to separate the deformation skeleton from control joints. The general practice for games is to have separate hierarchies for each, and the export skeleton only connects to other stuff via parent constraints -clean and simple.

Apologies if this is stating the obvious. I’m not sure if this need for separation is common knowledge these days, but when I was first getting into rigging ( and googling all kinds of tutorials, including cinematic) it was an often enough neglected point.